Industry Leading Custom Ductwork

A lot of people think that ducts move heated or cooled air from point A to point B... While this is true, there is more to it. Your ductwork can play a part in your energy bills also. The ducts in you home need to be just the right size to work properly. If you duct work is too wide, the air will just fill them up and move slowly through your home. When your ductwork is too small, it will be the same as you breathing through a straw! Your heating and air conditioning systems work hard enough as it is! There is no need to have its air flow restricted.

At DG Solem & Sons, we take pride in our customer service. This includes the unique ability to provide our customers with custom ductwork and sheet metal work.

We have our very own onsite sheet metal shop, where our expert technicians can design and build a system that is perfect for your home, business, or large industrial facility. We do not outsource your custom job! This ensures your ductwork will fit the space and run efficiently. 

Proper Duct Installation

Many people who wonder why their energy bills are consistently high don’t even realize their ducts are an issue. Improper ducts can contribute to high energy costs and cause premature wear and tear on your heating & cooling unit. At DG Solem & sons, we can install new duct system to save you money and space with ductwork built specially for your home. Don’t be fooled by heating and air conditioning contractors or plumbers who say they can offer you the cheapest rates in town. Often they are working without a license and don’t pull the required permits to do the job. Many times, they don’t carry insurance!

Duct Modifications

In many cases we can complete your duct modifications and installation in one day, even if your entire duct system needs to be replaced. If necessary, we can custom fabricate sheet metal for your ductwork to build any necessary parts for your new duct system. The next time you need duct fabrication, don’t struggle to decide who you should call – make the right choice the first time by calling DG Solem & Sons!