There are no one-size-fits-all home heating and air conditioning systems. 

At DG Solem & Sons, we work with homeowners and builders during the design, building, and finish-out phases of new home construction to make sure homes get the best possible HVAC systems for our Duluth area climate and the specific lot conditions. We also take into account the builder’s level of commitment to energy efficiency.

For new construction projects, we work with the general contractor and use industry-standard, technologically advanced procedures that ensure the homes on which we consult:

  • Have correctly sized systems
  • Comply with all building codes
  • Have appropriate and efficient ductwork designs
  • Keep future homeowners comfortable and happy

We perform heat load and energy calculations to make sure every system decision is based on sound science as well as our years of experience. We also work to make sure every part of the HVAC system fits unobtrusively into the home’s design.

Whether you’re a home builder or overseeing the construction of a home of your own, it’s important that every aspect of the home’s design and construction involves appropriate professionals who understand their fields. That’s why builders in the know turn to us for all their new-construction HVAC work.